The KC Killers attack Kahagas in Florida!

Leading up to HVW Midwest’s Cocked, Locked, and Loaded on February 20th, Kansas City Killers members Mark Sterling & Jeremy Wyatt took a trip to HVW Midwest Heavyweight Champion Kahagas’ area of operations in Florida.  Their intentions were to take out yet another part of the resistance in HVW, after sending Neil Diamond Cutter to the hospital on December 5, 2009.

Watch the video, and ask yourself whether HVW fans have any hope of seeing these brutal Kansas City Killer members getting what they deserve…


HVW 2009 Awards!

Compiled by Josh Ray

High Voltage Wrestling Midwest officially announces our 2009 Awards!  From a potential Midwest Match of the Year candidate in January to a six-man tag team contest that left Neil Diamond Cutter with an injured neck in December, HVW Midwest has delivered some of the best independent pro wrestling in the nation right here in the St. Louis area.  We now take a look at some of the best and worst of 2009 and look to even better action in 2010. 


HVW 2009 Event of the Year:

“Encore: 1st Anniversary Spectacular!”
October 10, 2009
River’s Edge Reception Center
Granite City, IL
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Kahagas defended his HVW Midwest Heavyweight Title twice in one night, the first ever HVW Midwest Tag Team Champions were crowned, and the River’s Edge Reception Center had record HVW fan attendance at the 1st Anniversary Show, aptly titled “Encore”.  Mark Bland finally got his receipt courtesy of “The Future” Donovan Ruddick after a summer of talking trash about the local wrestling scene.  The show also saw Mike Sydal win the Livewire Title as a fan favorite before turning his back on them to join Mark Sterling and Jeremy Wyatt as part of the newly formed “Kansas City Killers”.  The show was stacked from top to bottom and gave the fans something to remember for years to come.  This is why “Encore was selected HVW’s 2009 Event of the Year.

The Results:

  • Kahagas successfully defended his HVW Midwest Heavyweight Title by defeating Eric Allen.
  • Mississippi Madman defeated Matt Cage.
  • Santana G defeated Mia Martinez.
  • Jeremy Wyatt defeated Neil Diamond Cutter.
  • The Hooligans defeated Bandanna Mafia to win the vacant HVW Tag Team Titles.
  • Cabal defeated Max Archer.
  • Mike Sydal defeated Brandon Aarons at the end of a Survival of the Fittest match for the HVW Livewire Title.
  • “The Future” Donovan Ruddick defeated Mark Bland.
  • Kahagas successfully defended the HVW Midwest Heavyweight Title by defeating Mark Sterling by disqualification when Jeremy Wyatt and Mike Sydal attacked him.  The Hooligans and Neil Diamond Cutter ran in and saved him.

    HVW’s Most Popular in 2009:

    Santana G

    HVW Midwest’s golden child is also the daughter of High Voltage owner/promoter “TNT” Keny G, but she has yet to request a free ride to a dreamed up title.  Instead, Santana has been quitely making a name for herself by accepting all comers in an attempt to gain valuable experience against progressively tougher opponents.  The fans appreciate her hard work and innocent good looks, and support her in all that she does, including a trip to Florida and Coastal Championship Wrestling, where she became Women’s Champion.

    Whether signing autographs, training with Dingo and other well-respected wrestlers at Dynamo Gym in St. Louis, or wrestling top-rated talent such as NWA Women’s and SHIMMER Champion MsChif, Santana G is doing what it takes to become a great wrestler…  and she is doing it the honorable way.  This makes her HVW’s Most Popular in 2009.


    HVW’s Most Hated in 2009:

    Magic Man

    They don’t come much more opportunistic than the nefarious Magic Man.  This wily veteran manager has lent guidance and expertise to numerous wrestlers at HVW Midwest over the last year, including Dingo, “The Future” Donovan Ruddick, Eric Allen, Matt Cage, B.A.B.E.WATCH, and the Dixieland Destroyer, not one of which has been a fan favorite when in Magic Man’s good graces.  The fans love to hate this man and whomever he chooses to “manage”, making him an easy selection for HVW’s Most Hated in 2009!


    HVW 2009 Feud of the Year:

    Mark Bland vs “The Future” Donovan Ruddick

    Without a doubt, the biggest feud of 2009 played out over the summer during HVW Midwest’s time off…  St. Louis area radio personality and former professional wrestler Mark Bland kicked it all off by challenging any pro wrestling champion within 200 miles of St. Louis to step up to the plate and face him.  For a long time, it seemed that nobody would accept this brazen challenge, but “TNT” Keny G stepped forward to pit then HVW Midwest Heavyweight Champion “The Future” Donovan Ruddick against Bland.  The match didn’t immediately materialize, instead devolving into a petty war of words until “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” on August 15, 2009, when Bland and Ruddick were barely pulled apart by the entire HVW roster.

    There were showdowns at Six Flags, various viral Internet videos featuring some famous (and absurd) individuals on both sides, beatdowns at local area businesses, and even a takeover of Bland’s Absolute Wrestling Radio Show for FoxSports.  All of these incidents added fuel to the fire, but nothing like when Bland snuck into the River’s Edge later in the evening on August 15th, struck “The Future” with a chair during his Falls Count Anywhere Title vs Title Match with Kahagas, and cost him the HVW Midwest Heavyweight Title.

    The stage was set for October 10, 2009 at HVW’s 1st Anniversary Show “Encore“.  No title would be on the line due to Ruddick’s loss of the title in August, but this grudge match took on a mind of it’s own without gold hanging in the balance.  Bland proved wily early on, but finally resorted to cheap tactics in order to get himself disqualified.  The match was restarted by Keny G under no disqualification rules, and Ruddick soon emerged victorious.  His victory vindicated Midwest pro wrestling and taught Mark Bland a valuable lesson.  In the process, Bland rediscovered his love for pro wrestling, and rumors have surfaced that he may be looking to make his return to the ring in the near future.

    For all of these reasons, Mark Bland vs “The Future” Donovan Ruddick has been selected as the HVW 2009 Fued of the Year.


    HVW 2009 Match of the Year:

    Dingo vs Kahagas
    January 10, 2009
    Granite City, IL

    Match of the Year has a totally different set of standards than Fued of the Year.  A Match of the Year candidate should really stand out to the live crowd as well as anyone rewatching it on the Internet or DVD.  That is why the January 10, 2009 match between Dingo and Kahagas stands out as HVW 2009 Match of the Year.

    This match proved to be so good that the rematch was listed as the main event for HVW’s 1st Anniversary Show before Dingo retired from active competition.  The only drawback is that others got involved at points during the match, and HVW prides itself in giving competitive wrestling to its fans.  No matter what the outcome, Dingo and Kahagas were two standout performers in HVW, and their match in January was definitely Match of the Year!


    HVW 2009 Tag Team of the Year:

    The Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter)

    It stands to reason that the first ever HVW Midwest Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, would be selected for the honor of HVW 2009 Tag Team of the Year if for no other reason than they have held the titles since the belts’ inception.  The real reason stems from Devin and Mason’s fighting spirit…  a spirit that harkens back to the days of The Road Warriors, Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson, and even the Rock N’ Roll Express.  These teams were cohesive units that, while capable individually, were pure greatness together.

    Coming off of a time limit draw with The Hybrids and a disqualification loss to Zero Gravity, their fighting spirit was shining brightly in August when they defeated Full Contact Dojo, newcomers to HVW Midwest, in a match that nearly stole the show.  This victory propelled them to the finals of the HVW Tag Team Title Tournament and a showdown with Bandanna Mafia members Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy in October.  They won that match, of course, and showed their respect for HVW Midwest Heavyweight Champion Kahagas when they came to his aid later that night along with their little brother Neil Diamond Cutter…  running off the newly formed Kansas City Killers (Jeremy Wyatt, Mark Sterling & Mike Sydal).

    With singles matches on the horizon in 2010 against members of the Kansas City Killers, these two men should have hold of the HVW Tag Team Titles into the Spring.  Make no mistake, though.  The Hooligans would just as well defend the titles on the same night just to prove their toughness and fighting spirit once again.  That is why they are the  HVW 2009 Tag Team of the Year!


    HVW 2009 Wrestler of the Year:

    “The Japanese Nightmare” Kahagas

    Whether going by “The Japanese Nightmare” or “The Tokyo Monster”, world-traveled Kahagas is the most valuable commodity in High Voltage Wrestling, bar none.  Whether squaring off against Dingo at the beginning of the year in HVW’s 2009 Match of the Year, schooling both members of B.A.B.E.WATCH in the ways of a veteran wrestler, teaming with “Big” Rick Fuller, going toe-to-toe with “The Future” Donovan Ruddick, or fighting off all three members of the Kansas City Killers, Kahagas has embodied what it means to be a HVW Midwest competitor in 2009.  He hasn’t won all of his matches and certainly has not looked invincible in his victories, but he has been in the trenches and has definitely been the standout wrestler of 2009.

    Kahagas won the HVW Midwest Livewire Title and never really lost it, instead being forced to vacate the belt when he defeated Donovan Ruddick for the HVW Midwest Heavyweight Title in August.  His big loss of the year (in January against Dingo) lost a bit of it’s sting in October when he was scheduled to have a rematch, in the process defending the Heavyweight Title.  Instead, Dingo retired and Kahagas proved his abilities by defending his belt twice in the same night…  once against the undefeated Eric Allen and once against one of the Midwest’s best in Mark Sterling.   For all of his hard work in 2009 for HVW Midwest, Kahagas is awarded honors as the HVW 2009 Wrestler of the Year.


    2009’s Best:

    Referee of the Year – Eric Davis
    The workhorse of HVW Midwest.  He often refs an entire night’s worth of action all by himself. 

    Underdog – Neil Diamond Cutter
    Consistently faces down challenges that many perceive as out of his league.  He’s got both of his Hooligan brothers’ fighting spirit in half of the size of one Hooligan!

    Needs A Real Challenge –  Alexandre Rudolph
    Let this guy go at it with Mississippi Madman, Donovan Ruddick, or somebody his own size!

    Most missed – “Big” Rick Fuller, Steve Fender, and Steve Anthony
    All three men made their presence known in varying degrees on March 14th for HVW.  They are three of the best, and the fans want to see them back.


    “Cocked, Locked, and Loaded!” on February 20, 2009!


    Next Show… and Happy Holidays!

    We here at High Voltage Wrestling Midwest would like to take time to tell all fans of pro wrestling, “Happy Holidays!” and inform you of our next show in Granite City, IL at the River’s Edge Reception Center. 

    The show will be held on February 20, 2010 and called “Cocked, Locked, and Loaded!

    There have been no announcements as to who will be in attendance on that night, but stay tuned for more information as it comes in!

    High Voltage Wrestling Midwest Presents:
    Cocked, Locked, and Loaded!
    River’s Edge Reception Center
    122 3rd Street (across from the YMCA)
    Granite City, IL

    Doors open at 6:30PM with a bell time of 7:00 PM. 

    Tickets are $10. Children 7 years old and younger get in free.


    Rankings Update

    Overall Singles
    1. Kahagas (HVW Heavyweight Champion)
    2. Mark Sterling
    3. Mike Sydal (HVW Livewire Champion)
    4. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt (Wrestling Revival Cup Champion)
    5. Brandon Aarons
    6. “The Future” Donovan Ruddick
    7. Mississippi Madman
    8. Alexandre Rudolph
    9. “Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell
    10. Eric Allen

    Tag Teams
    1. Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) [HVW Tag Team Champions]
    2. KC Killers (Trio: Jeremy Wyatt, Mark Sterling & Mike Sydal)
    3. Bandana Mafia (Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy)
    4. Bailey Mannix & Eric Allen
    5. Full Contact Dojo (Jonathan Davis & Ric King)


    “Holiday Showdown” Results (12/5/2009)

    December 5, 2009 will go down in HVW Midwest’s history as the day the Kansas City Killers (Mark Sterling, Mike Sydal and Jeremy Wyatt) put the resistance into a coma, literally.  At a very special Toys for Tots matinee show HVW’s faithful fans were treated to many new faces vying for the spotlight, but that spotlight shined brightest on the six men and two women in both main events on this night.

    • Alexandre Rudolph started the night off with yet another victory, this time over the new but strangely popular Poo Doo the Cow.  The large man needs just one quality win over a top-tiered opponent to really cement his status as a title contender. 
    • Eric Allen seems to have brought in reinforcements after an embarrassing loss to HVW Midwest Heavyweight Champion Kahagas at the 1st Anniversary Show.  He teamed with well-traveled star Bailey Mannix (with Lovely Leon) in a victorious encounter with Bucky Collins & Markus Crane.  Collins and Crane worked hard and had the fans’ support, but it wasn’t enough.
    • The large, debuting mammoth of a man know as Dixieland Destroyer (with Magic Man) defeated another debuting wrestler named Zabian Zypertin.  Zypertin, in a mask, was injured in the matchup.  Magic Man was recently dismissed by former HVW Midwest Heavyweight Champion Donovan Ruddick, and looks to have found a suitable replacement in Dixieland Destroyer.
    • Dan Walsh, a man with deep roots in the St. Louis indy wrestling scene, carried the American flag in a prevailing patriotic encounter with the proud Canadian, Sean Vincent.  After his win, Walsh added some insult to injury for Vincent, much to the delight of those in attendance in Granite City.
    • After a strong showing against the Mississippi Madman in October, one would have pegged Matt Cage (with Magic Man) a favorite to defeat a scrawny Dan the Man, but he just couldn’t get the job done.  During the match, Magic Man seemed to get so disgusted with Cage that he sat down and stopped paying attention to the match at hand.  The argument could be made that this lack of support cost Cage the victory, but Dan the Man fought valiantly and earned his hand being raised this night.
    • Brandon Aarons came out to confront Brandon Espinosa for leading him down the wrong path over the course of the last year, but was confronted instead by Eric Allen.  When Aarons realized that Espinosa wasn’t in the building, he quickly warmed to a showdown with the mouthy Allen, defeating him in convincing fashion.
    • NWA and SHIMMER Women’s Champion MsChif exhibited some of her abnormal tendenies in a match with up and coming local heroine Santana G, but in the end shook her hand in a show of respect after pinning her fair and square in the center of the ring.  The match started with a lockup and solid transitions…  which moved into many near falls for both women, proving that Santana is starting to come into her own, but MsChif is simply the best independent wrestling talent in the country, and perhaps the world.
    • Mark Sterling, Mike Sydal, and Jeremy Wyatt – collectively known as the Kansas City Killers, defeated The Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter) and their little brother Neil Diamond Cutter in a knock down drag out!  Neil was rushed to the hospital following the end of the match, as Jeremy Wyatt hit him with a piledriver on the ring apron.  As the match turned into a three-on-two, Wyatt took Mason Cutter out behind the red curtain in their brawl.  The match was over with after a three-on-one became too much for Devin, who was pinned by Mark Sterling.  After the match, all three members of the Kansas City Killers beat on Devin until Mason finally made it back to the ring…  this time with a chair.  The show closed with the Killers making a tactical withdrawal from ringside and The Hooligans and HVW staff working to get Neil out of harms way.

    Quick results:

    – KC Killers – Mark Sterling, Mike Sydal & Jeremy Wyatt d. The Hooligans – Mason, Devin & Neil Cutter
    –  NWA World Women’s Champ MsChif d. Santana G
    –  Brandon Aarons d. Eric Allen
    –  Dan the Man d. Matt Cage
    –  Dan Walsh d. Sean Vincent
    –  Dixieland Destroyer d. Zabian Zypertin
    –  Bailey Mannix & Eric Allen d. Bucky Collins & Markus Crane
    –  Alexander Rudolph d. Poodoo the Cow


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    Josh Ray (inadvertent.nerd@gmail.com)

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